Lockdown to be extended till May 3, PM says

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a speech to the nation today at 10 am, has extended the lockdown till May 3.

This is Prime Minister’s fourth address to the nation after the Coronavirus pandemic.

In his second address to the nation on March 24, he announced 21 days countrywide lockdown starting March 25.

In his third address to the country on April 3, he had requested people to switch off the light of their homes on April 5 evening at 9 pm and stand outside in balcony with candles, diyas, etc. for 9 minutes.

Read all to see what he said today:

“The people of India have been fighting committedly against this pandemic. In spite of difficulties, you (people) have been fighting like a committed soldier.

The way people followed the rules and celebrated all their festivals at their homes is really commendable.

We started action against this pandemic very early. When there was not a single case in the country, we started screening people, who were coming to India, at airports as a preventive measure.

We should not compare ourselves with other nations. However, this is also a fact that India is better placed as compared to other nations. It’s because India took an intergrated and proactive approach. It was a right decision at the right time.

However, this is also a fact that social distancing is the best approach to control this pandemic. We despite all constraints have adhered to it, and have been able to manage the pandemic to a great extent.

We have decided that the lockdown has to be extended till May 3. I request all countrymen not to let this pandemic increase in other localities.

From now on, if the cases/casualties increase, it will be a matter of concern for us. So, the lockdown will be strict till April 20 and all states/districts/localities will be monitored to check whether the rules are being followed.

From April 20, there will be a limited relaxation in the areas, which are least susceptible to the pandemic.

The government will release a detailed plan for the lockdown tomorrow (Wednesday).

I am suggesting you the seven rules, which will make us victorious against this menace. I seek your cooperation in adhering to these rules. These are:

1. Special care to elders; extra care to those seniors, who have been suffering from serious illness

2. Follow lockdown and social distancing strictly

3. Use home-made mask

4. Increase your immunity as suggested by the Ministry of Ayush

5. Download Aarogya Setu app, which will help you in controlling this pandemic; encourage others too to download this app

6. Take care of poors as much as you can; do not lay off your employees

7. Respect the corona warriors — doctors, nurses, policemen, etc., who are engaged in controlling this menace.”

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