PM addresses the nation for second time on Covid-19: Read all what he says

With a span of four days, the Prime Minister Narendra addressed the nation for the  second time. He talked on the steps taken by the government to control the Coronavirus disease, and also warned countrymen against their casual attitude to this pandemic. Besides, PM also spoke on complete lockdown across India starting Tuesday midnight.

Read to know what all he says:

  • All countrymen came together to make the ‘Janata Curfew’ a grand success. We showed the world how we fight against a human crisis. 
  • Since today 12 night, there is going to be a complete lockdown across the country. This lockdown will be for three weeks, that is, 21 days.
  • All experts say only one thing: we can fight against Corona by maintaining – social distancing. Some think social distancing has to be maintained only with patients, but it’s not the case. We have to maintain social distancing with all. 
  • It is our duty to protect every citizen. I request all to remain wherever they are. This lockdown is for three weeks, that is 21 days.
  • If we fail to contain this pandemic, we will face catastrophe and will be 21 years behind. So create a Lakshman Rekha (red line) outside your house and take a pledge not to step outside.
  • Health experts say the virus takes several days to show its symptoms. The person who has contracted, feels healthy. In the meantime, he comes in contact with others and infects them.
  • Health services in Italy and US are considered the best, but they failed to control this pandemic. But where is the light? So, the experiences from a few other countries have raised our hopes.
  • They paid heed to their government’s instructions and advices. They maintained social distancing.
  • We too have to break the chain by being inside our houses. It is the time to stand by our resolve and promise.
  • Please pray for those who are working to sanitise your house, working at hospitals, mediapersons, security personnel — who are working day and night to make you feel safe.
  • The govt will ensure that all essential commodities are available. There’s a need to help poors in this hour of crisis. But there’s also a greater need to protect our lives.
  • In order to strengthen health infrastructure, we have allocated an amount of Rs 15,000 crore. The entrepreneurs should come forward to provide help in this crisis. The state governments should provide all their focus to get out of crisis.
  • I am confident our countrymen will not only fight this disease with resolve, but also come out successfully.

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