How I Fought Fatty Liver Grade 2: My Accounts

I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Grade 2.  

Before visiting doctor, I had the symptoms of nausea, vomited after a severe acidity post meal.  

The doctor asked me for the ultrasound of my stomach. My ultrasound report said I had Fatty Liver Grade 2. I was at a dangerous level as transitioning into Grade 3 meant cirrhosis and other irreversible diseases linked with liver. Transitioning into Grade meant liver transplant, at times.

I started having sleepless nights and could have nightmares about the worst-case scenarios. I had my family to run. My family, which included my two small kids and my wife as homemaker, was dependent on me. Then I made a resolve to reduce the fat on my liver.

I started focusing on reducing my fatty liver. I did these things:

  1. I stopped eating oil or ghee -rich food. If I could eat, I took them in very small amounts. I also stopped eating butter, cheese.

2. As regards milk, I used double-tonned and not more than half a litre a day.

3. I started drinking green tea twice a day without adding sugar. Green tea is antioxidant and helps reduce fatty liver.

4. I, sometimes, drank black tea or black coffee, without the addition of sugar.

5. If I had an urge for sweets, I used to add sugar-free sweetener into my tea or coffee. But completely stopped eating sweatmeats.

6. I increased the amount of vegetables in my diet and ate less carbohydrate rich food. It is because carbohydrate rich food has a lot of sugar content, which contributes to fat in our body/liver.

7. I began doing exercise for half an hour daily to burn calories.

8. My day started with drinking a glass of hot water. Then I went for a walk for half an hour. After that I used to eat fruits (papaya, apple, guava, etc.). I avoided orange as it had a little amount of fructose, which can increase fat in our liver. At 9 am, I had my breakfast. I took lunch at 2pm and had dinner at 8pm. I also ate poha in the evening sometimes. My diet included mostly daliya khichdi, suji upma, etc.

9. The most important thing: I stopped eating junk food/ outside food.

10. In addition to these, I was also following my doctor’s advice.

I was hell bent to lose my body weight as losing body weight was linked with reducing fat on our liver. I was weighed 78 kg in the beginning. I lost 5 kg in 45 days and 10 kg in the next two months. Thus, I had reduced 15 kg in about 100 days. My weight is 63 kg now.

Thankfully, In complete one year, my liver came down to normal. Now, I am so happy.

Thank you!

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Satish Sinha is a stock broker and a businessman. 

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