Italy in lockdown: Seeing “tsunami of patients”, says PM Conte

The Coronavirus pandemic has made several countries, including US, to declare emergency in their countries. The world over is on a lockdown, with millions of people quarantine in their homes to save their lives.

The deadly mysterious infectious disease was first diagnosed in the Wuhan city of China last year on December 29. Within a span of about 75 days, it has spread its wings to all across the globe.

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As of now, there have been more than 108,000 confirmed cases and 3,821 deaths related to the novel coronavirus worldwide.

After China, two other countries to have been most affected are Italy and Iran. Till now, Italy alone has about 18,000 cases, with about 1,000 deaths.

Iran has reported at least 10,075 confirmed coronavirus cases and 429 deaths.

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As quoted by CNN, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte described seeing “a tsunami of patients,” in the hospitals, adding that there could be about 18,000 patients in hospital by the end of the month if the virus continues to spread.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he was quoted as saying, and added, “Italians should be worried.”

Though, initially, USA was in denial but nearly 50 deaths and more than 2,100 infections have forced President Donald Trump to declare emergency in his country.

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President Emmanuel Macron described the outbreak of Covid-19 as the “biggest health crisis in a century” in his country, though he decided that the polls would be held on Sunday.

Having said, though these figures might frighten you! But hold on!

As per WHO, the global average deaths have only be 3-4 per cent.

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On the brighter side, China, the epicenter of the deadly diseases, has started to see the numbers of patients declining.
South Korea, which was hit by the disease at about the same time, only a few thousand are quarantined and about 100 people died.

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India, the country with world’s second largest population after China, is the best example. The country took proactive steps. Both state and central governments have been working to create awareness among people and have shut cinema halls, major events, schools, colleges, etc. As on now, India has recorded about 90 positive cases and two confirmed deaths.

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