Respond to Coronavirus Happily, despite all Cacophony and Fear-Mongering: Here’s How

By Sanjay Kumar Ojha

The world has declared war against the Coronavirus pandemic. The governments globally are taking urgent steps to ensure that the outbreak does not turn into a catastrophe. On the other hand, the panic citizens have locked themselves inside their homes, with a fear that they might contract the disease if they step out.

The cities, which once used to be crowded with people all time, wear a deserted look.

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There is panic all around. All-time cacophony of the media houses, providing minute-by-minute updates of people contracting the Covid-19 and the increasing numbers of casualties, has forced people to drown into negativity. The hard part is: you can’t keep your head when everyone else around you starts going into panic mode.

But there are bright spots on the horizon and ample reasons not to fall in the trap of fear-mongering.

Though a few months seem challenging to us, yet one must also see the bright side of horizon. One good news is that the average global death due to coronavirus, as says WHO, is only 3-4 per cent.

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Remember: Anxiety, for longer periods, causes more brain damage than actual bodily damage. If, unfortunately, one gets contracted with Covid, it is the negativity of the brain that will prove fatal for him.

Hence, in this time of negativity, it is a must for people to remain happy and healthy — not only physically but mentally too.

Here’s what you can do:

Trust Reliable Sources: Conquer over the unnecessary cacophony around coronavirus outbreak. Do a fact-check. Do not hook to unverified sources.

For information on Covid-19, follow World Health Organisation (WHO), reliable sources like us, or government sources like Press Information Bureau (PIB), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), etc.

Do not load your mind with unnecessary imagination of the worst-case scenarios.

Always instill in yourself positivity with encouraging thoughts.

Never Start a Day with Phone: Every section of media, at present, is talking about Coronavirus 24×7. So, the moment you open your mobile, you will be flooded with updates on this viral disease. The updates might upset you and make your day bad.

Instead start your day with activities, which could provide peace to your mind and instill in happiness.

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The activities like Yoga, meditation or prayers have the ability to provide you positivity, thereby, improving your productivity.

Maintain a Routine: Always remember of what you should do and what you should not. There’s also a need to make a few changes in your daily habits like meeting people with Namaste (greeting with folded hands) in place of hand-shake.

Do proper handwash with soap or alcohol laden hand-sanitiser after every few hours, etc.

Channel your Thoughts: It is said each of us has 65,000 thoughts a day on an average. So, instead of falling into the unwanted negative thoughts, we should channel our energy to find solutions and increase productivity.

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At some point of time, you might be isolated and, then, think of how to make use of your time. So, prepare yourself for the future when this phase is over. Also, read books that you didn’t have time to read before. Listen to podcasts and watch videos, which could inspire you and provide you happiness.

Be Kind and Supportive to Others: Encourage people engaged on field and at hospitals to control the deadly disease. They can be your loved-ones or someone in your neighbourhood. After all, they are humans and there are times, when they can also feel low. Here’s the moment you can encourage them.

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Besides, never miss the chance to make less-privileged aware of the Covid-19. Such acts of nobility can instill in you happiness and positivity.

Empathise with Kids: Never believe that you are the one who is trapped in this cacophony and fear-mongering. Your child may not be discussing the problem with you, but he/she is equally affected with the all-around negativity.

Without sparing any time, you should take all efforts to allay your kids’ apprehensions. You can also take a few steps to keep them away from social media and other news sources. They can be encouraged to engage in positive works like reading books, etc.

Reduce Stigma Attached to Self-Isolation: Be truthful and keep a sense of perspective. Open about what you are experiencing, which will help reduce any possible stigma or embarrassment attached to self-isolation.

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Stay Connected: Human beings, afterall, are social animals. A good part of people’s anxiety can be warded off by talking to their near and dear ones. When talking to others, always try to keep your conversation calm and positive. Here, technology can help you out, while you are quarantined or in self-isolation. This, in turn, may also send a positive feeler to others that they are fine.

About the Author:

Sanjay Kumar Ojha is Deputy Editor at Medical News India.

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