Coronavirus Outbreak: PM addresses the Nation, talks of Janata Curfew

With the number of Coronavirus cases rising every day in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Nation today. He asked people to face the challenge with resolve and determination. 

Read all what he said:

  • The whole world is passing through a very serious phase. The whole is under threat. Even WWI and WWII didn’t didnt face such amount of threat.
  • Need for every Indian to be cautious and aware.
  • Wrong to think that this pandemic will not affect India. Need to show two resolve and determination.
  • During such pandemic only one mantra: The world is healthy, when we will be healthy.
  • Social distancing is a must. If you think you are okay and nothing will affect you, then this thought is not right. It will be injustice to your countrymen and your family.
  • People should avoid stepping out from home unnecessarily, especially those above 60-65 years of age. Prefer to work from home as much as you can.
  • Starting from 7 am, March 22, people should avoid stepping outside home. This “Janata Curfew” will help us control this pandemic.
  • I request all state governments and NGOs to see that this is imposed effectively.
  • If you look at present situation, it can’t be said a normal one.
  • On March 22 at 5pm, let’s express our gratitute to those engaged in controlling this pandemic. We should stay out in balcony for 5 minutes and celebrate their dedication by celebrating with clapping, etc.
  • Avoid visiting hospital for routine check-up for a month. If not serious surgery, extend the date of operation by a month.
  • Finance Ministry to constitute a Covid-19 taskforce to monitor the economic situation. This pandemic has hit all, especially poors. Request all businessmen not to deduct the salaries of employees for not coming to office.
  • The supply of essential commodities like milk, vegetables, etc. will not be hit. So , no need for people to store them unnecessarily at home.
  • I hope we will carry out our responsibility. Though some of our expectations are not met sometimes, nevertheless we should fight this challenge. Your cooperation is a must.

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