Think before eating out: You may contract disease

If you are planning to dine out with your loved ones, it’s time to make sure that you are not buying diseases.

Though the complaints of food served at eateries being unhealthy are common, but the most worrying is the presence of an unusually high percentage of deadly bacteria found in food stuff including salads, fruits and juices.

The study on the food samples collected from hotels, restaurants and street-side eateries in Hyderabad came out with startling facts.

As per the study, 98.1 per cent of carrot and 75.5 per cent of onion samples were found unfit for human consumption. They contained E coli, the harmful bacteria that is present in human digestive system and causes gastroentec ritis.

Even, fruits left uncovered had 13.4 times risk of E coli contamination as against the fruits kept in closed containers.

The study was conducted by the Food and Drug Toxicology Research Centre and the Biostatistics department of the city-based National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), which analysed 463 samples of street food.

The study was published in the February issue of British Food Journal (BFJ).

“The purpose is to identify and prioritize the key food safety practices among street food handlers that lead to microbial contamination. These safety practices will help develop and design tailor-made training material for street food vendors in future,” the study said, as quoted by TOI.

Of the 463 samples checked for microbial contamination, 163 were of salads, 150 of fruit juices, and 150 pani puri samples.

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