Son donates liver part to his father

The idea of parenting is not merely about making a parent-children bond stronger. It is also about taking a pride in what they have inculcated in their children.

Thirty three years’ old Shardul Singh, an HR consultant by profession, came to Jaypee Hospital in Noida with his 62 years’ old father Baleshwar Singh in critical condition.  Since past six months’ his father had been suffering from liver disease and the condition was only worsening – though they had gone through various treatments.

Dr. Abhideep Chaudhary, Senior Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation, Jaypee Hospital says “He was admitted with the complaint of jaundice, abdominal and lower limbs swelling, and easy fatigability and hepatic encephalopathy (early stage of liver coma).”

As life was not possible with medical treatment, he was advised to undergo liver transplantation.

The search for donor having matching blood group started. Shardul was tested and the blood group matched with that of his father.

Without giving a second thought to the decision, Shardul expressed his willingness to donate part of his liver for his father.

After the transplant, Baleshwar recovered rapidly and is now doing well.

The donor had a smooth postoperative course and was discharged from the hospital in 6 days.

In the present times, while there are children that force our old parents to stay in old-age homes, this example of Shardul Singh is an ideal case for all. By deciding to donate his liver to his father Baleshwar Singh, he has set an example for his generation, in which at times children do not care for their parents.

Shardul said, “If I, being his son, could not help my father survive just by donating the organ, I have no right to be called his son. I am glad to gift back the asset that my father has blessed me with.”

In pic: Shardul (right) and his father

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