By Kanchan Naikawadi

Monsoon finally arrives to our entryway after heaps of perspiring and obstacles of searing summer. This is the time when people start enjoying the freshness of their favorite season of the year. It accompanies raindrops, tea-pakoda, plenty of joy yet lamentably with a lot of infections with it. As reason of which ‘Monsoon’ is otherwise called the period of season of cold virus. Hence, it’s the time to implement ‘Prevention is better than cure’ into real action.

There are numerous diseases and infections that are sitting tight for us in this season. Some of them are effectively preventable with precautions and mindfulness while the other requires appropriate medicinal consideration or it might prompt significant issues.

Here are some most common diseases during monsoon alongwith their preventive measures.

Viral Fever: It is a common disease that can happen throughout the year but is most likely during monsoons. Severe cold and cough followed by fever are some common symptoms. This may last from 3-7 days. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before diagnosing anything.

Precautions: It’s dependably a smart thought to adhere to your hand crafted nourishment and clean drinking water. Introduction to virus and bacteria prompts this illness. So keeping up legitimate cleanliness with appropriate sustenance and way of life is the main key to keep this ailment far away.

Vector borne disease (Malaria and Dengue): Due to the rain, water remains clogged that gives the mosquitoes a space for breeding process. As a result of which cases of dengue and malaria rise during monsoon.

Precautions: Make sure the clogged areas are clean in order topreventthese diseasesfrom spreading. Besides, use of mosquito repellents and insect repellent plants like citronella, lemon grass, tulsi, sabja, etc. helps to prevent the mosquito from entering your work station or home. Moreover, wearing clothes that fully cover your body will also be useful. Use of insect repellents and mosquito nets should be encouraged.

Food- and water-borne illnesses (Hepatitis A/E, Diarrhea, Cholera and Gastroenteritis): The intake of contaminated foods and water is the main reason for these diseases. These diseases are exceedingly preventable and treatable maladies on the off chance that you are cautious. These diseases largely affect your liver and that us why you experience vomiting, loose motions and stomach pain. However, if not treated on time, you may also suffer from fever.

Precautions: It is advised to have clean and boiled water, have home-cooked food and drinking enough healthy liquids. Avoid having unhygienic food from outside, especially roadside junk. Moreover, maintaining proper hygiene is the only key to prevent you from these diseases.

Road Safety: There is one more important aspect that we need to consider during monsoon is road accidents. Monsoon is connected to an increased rate of road accidents. And, you will have to extra careful while driving your vehicle in the rain.

Here are some preventive tips to ensure road safety during the monsoon.

• Avoid accelerating too much and drive slowly

• Heavy braking is a strict No!

• Maintain a proper distance between the vehicles in front of you

• Switch on the headlights for improved visibility


About the Author:

Ms. Kanchan Naikawadi is Founder and Managing Director and Preventive Healthcare Specialist at Indus Health Plus.

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