Man refuses to pay for son’s cancer treatment, cops summon him

A man in Gujarat’s Vejalpur has been summoned by cops after a complaint by his wife.

In her complaint, she alleged husband of not paying money for their nine-year-old son’s cancer treatment.

“My son who studies in class 3 was diagnosed with throat cancer one-and-a-half years ago. His treatment costs Rs 6,000 per month. Whenever I ask my husband to give me money for his treatment, he says I am lying and thrashes me. Please help me,” the woman told police, as quoted by TOI.

As per complainant, her 40-year-old husband used to earn Rs 30,000 per month in his previous job. However, there was an altercation with a superior and he lost the job.

Now, he has been earning Rs 10,000 per month from his current job.

“Out of this, he spend around 1,000 on transport and spends double the amount on liquor parties. He does not give me enough money to run the house and pay for child’s treatment,” the woman added.

The cops said the man refused to believe that his son suffered from cancer after they summoned him. After his son’s medical bill was shown, the man gave his ATM debit card to his wife so that she can withdraw money for the treatment.”

The cops have also warned him not to hit his wife in the future.

Source: TOI

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