Covid 19: Relex Health launches medication therapy programme to help chronic patients get medicines during lockdown

Relex Health, a healthcare startup, recently announced a “first-of-its- kind” medication therapy management programme in India.

This programme addresses the serious public health problem of medication adherence.

The programme is a unique home-service model that plays an important role in controlling chronic conditions, treating temporary conditions, and overall long-term health and well-being.

The Covid-19 pandemic created disruption and placed huge strain on healthcare systems worldwide including India. Relex Health went about doing what they are best at- taking care of their patients and facilitating medication adherence.

In a short period of time, Relex arranged full medication of the entire prescription with 100 per cent fill to its entire patient base so that all of them would have stock for 60 days and none of them would miss medication.

In a press release, the company said, “The solutions suggested by the government such as social distancing and lockdown across the country to help contain the spread of the virus can affect patients with co-morbidities to a greater extent. These include patients with chronic diseases who are unable to access healthcare facilities for their routine care and medicines management. Patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes need strict adherence to medications in order to maintain good glycaemic control and prevent complications which can further compromise their chances of survival if infected with Covid-19.”

Chandrashekar Kini, Co-Founder and Director, Relex Health, said, “At times such as these, knowledge and expertise are put to test as well its best application. We, at Relex Health, leveraged the knowledge and experience of our promoters in the pharma supply chain as well as our deep relationships with reputed distributors to deliver a near 100 per cent fill.”

In order to extend its support in Bangalore, Relex Health is also proceeding with special community service initiatives outside its core medication therapy management programme to help patients quickly get their medicines with high fulfilment. These initiatives will be announced shortly.

Pic source: Relex Health

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