Covid 19: Lockdown 4.0 to be different; need a self-reliant India, says PM Modi

In an address to the nation today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the next lockdown will be different and the guidelines will be soon before May 18 regarding the measures to be taken during the fourth phase of the lockdown. 

As per him, several experts and scientists have said that the virus is going to be part of our lives for a long time. But, it is also important to ensure that our life does-not revolve only around it. He exhorted people to work towards their targets while taking precautions like wearing masks and maintaining ‘do gaz doori’.

Modi said the crisis that has emerged due to COVID-19 is unprecedented. He emphasised on the need to save ourselves from the novel coronavirus and also move ahead at the same time.

The guidelines will be prepared keeping in mind the feedback received from the states, he said.

The Prime Minister announced an economic stimulus package of Rs 20 lakh crore. “I am announcing a special financial package, which will play an important role in our atmanirbhar bharat abhiyan (self-reliant India campaign). If we add this package to RBI’s announcements, the government’s announcement, the total comes to nearly 20 lakh crore, which is nearly 10 per cent of India’s GDP.”

Prime Minister observed that the package will also focus on land, labour, liquidity and laws. It will cater to various sections including cottage industry, MSMEs, labourers, middle class, industries, among others.

He informed that the details of the contours of the package will be provided by the Finance Minister from tomorrow, in the coming few days.

He stressed on the need for a structure to make India self-reliant. Modi elaborated five pillars for self-reliance.

First pillar is Economy: As per him, India will have to bring an economy that doesn’t bring incremental change, but quantum jump.

Second pillar is Infrastructure: He said we need an infrastructure which can become the identity of modern India.

Third pillar is the System: He said there’s a need to not necessarily follow the norms of the previous century. It should be technology driven and should be able to fulfill India’s 21st century dreams.

Fourth pillar is Vibrant Democracy: He called it as the source of energy for our dream to make India self-reliant.

Fifth is Demand: As per him, the demand-supply chain is the real power and it should be used to its full potential.

As per Modi, when India speaks of self-reliance, that does not mean self-centered. Instead self-reliance stands for world’s happiness, cooperation and peace.

Prime Minister remarked that self-reliance will prepare the country for tough competition in the global supply chain, and it is important that the country wins this competition. “The same has been kept in mind while preparing the package. It will not only increase efficiency in various sectors but also ensure quality.”

“Today we have the resources, the power and the best talent in the world. We will make the best products, improve our quality, and modernise the supply chain. We can and we will.”

He said, “We have to be vocal with local. That  is, we should not only buy local products, but we should also be vocal in promoting them. I am confident that we can do this.”

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