30 children die in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur hospital

Thirty children, which include infants, have died in 48 hours at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorapkhpur due to disruption of liquid oxygen over a payment dispute worth Rs 70 lakh.

The government-run Baba Raghav Das (BRD) hospital happens to be the largest hospital in Gorakhpur.

According to reports, 17 have died in the neo-natal intensive care unit, eight in the paediatric ward, while five in the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome ward.

There were reports that the oxygen supply was stopped as the suppliers’ bill of Rs 70 lakh was not cleared.

However, the state government has denied that the deaths were caused due to lack of oxygen supply. It said the casualties were due to various illnesses.

Gorakhpur district magistrate (DM) Rajeev Rautela said that as per doctors there were no deaths due to the lack of oxygen supply.

“This specific question was asked of medical officers who said that since they had alternate oxygen, no death had taken place due to lack of oxygen,” the DM said.

BJP MP Kamlesh Paswan visited the Baba Raghav Das Medical College and called it “extremely unfortunate.”

He told there were problems at the hospital and as many as four patients are sharing one bed. “From what I saw, daily 7-8, or 10 patients have been dying in the medical college… There are problems,” he was quoted as saying.

Gorakhpur has been the parliamentary constituency for Yogi Adityanath, before becoming the chief minister of the state.

The chief minister visited the hospital two days back.

The state government has ordered a probe into the incident.

Source: Media reports


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