Kejriwal govt outsources diagnostic services to private centres

The Delhi government will outsource diagnostic services to private diagnostic centres. These services include PET CT scan, CT with contrast and MRI.

The health minister Satyendar Jain on Friday said the government decision to outsource is aimed to ensure provide hassle-free diagnostic services to all patients.

“At present, there is a long waiting period for CT scan and MRIs. In many hospitals, either machines are not in the working condition or there is work-overload, leading to delays,” TOI quoted Jain as saying.

In December last year, the government had identified seven accredited private centres for free CT scan and MRIs.

The government has now included 13 more centres for a wide range of diagnostic services, including PET CT, echocardiography and radio-nucleotide scan.

Several government hospitals are either ill equipped for the work or their diagnostic machines are lying defunct.

As streamlining the existing system may take longer, the minister said the decision to empanel private diagnostic centres was taken for immediate relief to patients.

Source: TOI

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